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What's Happened To Apple's Quality Control?

Le 19 April 2018, 12:05 dans Humeurs 0

On June 29th, 2007, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched the first iPhone. In five years, since that ground-breaking launch; Apple has garnered an astonishing 75% share of global smartphone profits. Clearly, it must have done something right. By positioning itself as a premium device maker, with excellent customer third party inspection for valve , it has deservedly gained a very loyal following.

This following however has expectations. Just 2 weeks ago on September 14th Gene Munster of Piper Jafray stated the iPhone 5 was like a "Rolex." Comments such as these are not unusual, and Apple itself encourages them through flowery prose alluding to it being like a "finely crafted watch."

This is excellent marketing, but it needs to be backed up with product butterfly valves installation. As many quality practitioners may know, the basics of quality are about "conformance to specification."

Of course, this limited definition doesn't really capture exactly what quality is about as most consumers do not care about quantitative specifications. Most do not care for instance to know about components. So really, this definition should perhaps be better expressed as meeting a perceived level of quality expectation, a qualitative test. And for Apple, it is all of the consumer connotations of what a premium device should look like (gorgeous); behave (fast processing); and be treated as an object worthy of respect by your peers (a difficult test, but an important one that designers must engage in).

Apple has failed in this quest for a premium device in the iPhone 5. After intensively studying its performance in the real world, I can categorically say the opposite of Apple's marketing; this is not the best iPhone yet. It is the worst. This is an order of magnitude different to any previous iPhone ball valve inspection checklist issue.

With initial quality problems being reported in the iPhone 5, with the huge goodwill engendered by previous launches, it was easy to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume these were isolated cases of factory auditing control not being met. As if the product itself was premium, but a fault happened somewhere in the inspection process. This is not the case. There was a failure in Quality Assurance - simply put, these faults are design flaws a premium device should not have. Below is a list of the key flaws discovered so far with estimated magnitude of impact.

A Basic Understanding About Media Monitoring and Analysis Services

Le 20 March 2018, 11:47 dans Humeurs 0

Media monitoring and factory acceptance test is one of those domains that have changed dynamically with growing social media usage among end - users. With the amount of content generated everyday on the World Wide Web, it is no longer easy to keep a track of where your business gets mentioned and reported. It is no longer about the conventional newspaper clippings and/ or radio or TV broadcasts, but is about much more than that.

Types of services

Let us look into some of the very common and yet the newer types of monitoring that the various service providers in the media monitoring and analysis business offer.

    Online News Monitoring
    Broadcast Monitoring
    Print Monitoring/Clipping
    Social media
    Executive news briefing
    Worldwide news feed
    Industry Topics
    Twitter and Facebook Monitoring
    LinkedIn follow-ups
    Social Video Monitoring
    Blog Monitoring
    TV News Monitoring
    Consumer Discussion Monitoring
    Omnibus News
    Message Board Monitoring

We have to remember that these petroleum industry inspection are not an exhaustive list even though it certainly is a comprehensive list. We also have to understand that with increasing access to information the modern community is capable of making or breaking business reputation. Media monitoring in this light helps also with online reputation management.


Media monitoring and analysis play a very crucial role for any business. If received timely, media information about your company can help in effective marketing and branding strategizing. Following are some key benefits:

    Business enhancement and effective marketing
    Ability to play to your strengths
    Ability to prevent damage control in case there's a negative media update
    Knowing how your competitors fare in terms of their media visibility
    A very effective process in terms of the overall online reputation management and branding of your business
    Helps you identify areas that need to be projected in media

Possible Pitfalls

However, there also are some pitfalls related to external media monitoring service providers:

    Incomplete, non-comprehensive reports
    Delayed reports
    Inefficient discerning of the sourced information
    Depending only on the free tracking dimension test report

Each of these possible pitfalls can defeat the entire purpose of hiring an expert. The information that reaches you in each of these cases might be inaccurate and might lead to inefficient strategy development. Further incomplete, delayed or inaccurate information can also cause a substantial delay in managing negative reputation.

Things to take care of

In view of the above possible loopholes, one needs to keep in mind some parameters before hiring an expert for these services. One needs to answer the following questions:

    What are your monitoring needs? As in, what do you wish should be monitored?
    What are the custom features required by you?
    Is a free online monitoring service good enough to address your needs?
    What media does your subscription cover?
    What is the committed and tracked service level on 'clip accuracy' and 'missed clips'?
    How customized can your services be?
    What is the delay in the delivery?
    What is the pricing and terms of the service?
    How will they store the clips?

Once all these basic parameters are understood and taken care of, media monitoring and competitive prices for inspection can do wonders for you. This also means that the faster, the more efficient and the more accurate your service provider's offerings are, the better is your reputation management and branding strategy.

Try Software Quality Control Services for the Best Software Solutions

Le 5 March 2018, 10:44 dans Humeurs 0

Now days, many companies look to try customized software solutions. However, in so many occasions a bug here or there ruins the entire operation. It makes all the money, time and effort put in to the software development meaningless. And fixing that can cost you even more.

This is why, non destructive testing services are crucial. Quality control process guarantees that a software product is tested and totally bug-free. It also makes sure that the software meets the customer's requirements and is delivered within the given time line and budget. Today, there are so many QC service providers available.

However, one needs to choose a professional company with a proven track record. These companies generally have a dedicated QC team filled with experienced and qualified software testers. They monitor the software development process in every stage and offer end-to-end customer oriented quality control services.

Many companies also follow iterative V model for software testing and test products at different levels, platforms, browsers etc. They maximize the value of your business solution by ad-hoc bug tracking and fixing. Moreover, they offer valve inspection report like test automation, usability assessment, code inspection, performance testing, OS testing, security testing, bug tracking, web app stress testing, implementation, consulting and documentation.

These professional QC service providers use tested tools such as Selenium, Mercury Interactive Win Runner, Mercury Load Runner, Apache Jmeter, TestMaker, Rational Test Suit, Java CTT and many more. QC testing done by these companies immediately ensure improved client satisfaction, reduced cost of development and maintenance, better software quality, faster time to market, user friendliness, maximum productivity, uninterrupted service and much more.

Many of these companies even have offshore QC labs that can offer dual shore and time zone advantages along with significant cost savings. Their QA or QC team generally also has diverse industry experience. This allows them to run pipe inspection services best suited to clients' industry. Therefore, if you want to have fully functional bug-free enterprise software, you got to hire a professional QC services company.

HyTech Professionals can be a really good choice if you are seriously looking for a professional QC services company. Visit their website and pump inspection checklist contact their sales team to make your software bug-free.

Ryan A. Smith
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